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Find the Zone

findthezone main page screenshot The Find the Zone Web site design was based on the needs for something upscale, elegant, classy, and to provide an ambiance for the mental game of golf. Therefore, the client requested a splash page to initially enter the site to represent this ambiance. Shirley Kaiser, owner of SKDesigns, combined several photographs—a sky from one photo, mountains from another, and a golf course from another to create the appropriate scene, working with these elements to create the zooming impression for the ambiance needed.

Find the Zone was also set up with a message board system, a classified ads system for anything related to golf, a newsletter and archives, articles, a children's area, and much more. The site was also designed to easily add and change advertising and content as often as needed.

Upon completion of the site one of SKDesigns' colleague, Eye For Beauty, took over the updating for this Web site.


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