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Web Site Design: Client Projects

Softnet Systems, Inc.

Softnet Systems, Inc. screenshot of main pageSoftnet Systems, Inc. provides speech recognition software, hardware, and related consulting and training. They are also well-known in the speech recognition community for their helpful books and extensive articles and hints about speech recognition software and hardware. (See below for a link to their live Web site.)

[Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 7, by Larry V. Allen]SKDesigns was hired for a redesign, information architecture overhaul, and development of Softnet Systems Inc.'s popular existing Web site that had been online since 1995. In addition to providing an entirely new and professional look with lean behind-the-scenes markup, SKDesigns restructured the information architecture to be more user-friendly, designed and integrated the shopping cart pages based on the Dansie Shopping Cart, consulted with them about improving their product presentation and marketing, and provided page templates and helpful instructions for them to easily maintain and add pages themselves.

Behind the scenes SKDesigns developed the design with effective use of CSS (cascading style sheets) for the site's colors, background, navigation, and layout. The visual presentation of the Web site has been separated from the content as much as possible, providing greater flexibility and easier page updates and changes. The result is lean, fast-loading pages that can be viewed with a wide range of browsers and alternative devices, including speech recognition software.

Special Features

  • Visually clean, simple, and uses minimal graphics, per Softnet's request.
  • User-friendly navigation and information architecture.
  • Fast-loading pages
  • A new shopping cart system — uses the Dansie Shopping Cart program behind the scenes, and SKDesigns visually designed its interface for seamless integration within the new design.
  • Search engine friendly — design and development optimized for high search engine placement.
  • Accessibility-friendly — accessibility to a wide range of browsers and alternative devices, including speech recognition software.
  • Standards compliant — uses the latest W3C Recommendations behind the scenes, including CSS and XHTML, and follows WAI Accessibility Guidelines to provide forward, current, and backward cross-browser and cross-system compatibility.
  • Style guide and page templates — SKDesigns created and provided a detailed Web site style guide and page templates for Softnet's use to help with maintaining the Web site themselves. The site was built based on their needs with having a familiarity of basic HTML. Since CSS (cascading style sheets) manages the look and feel of the site, this particular approach provides a simple way for them to add or change content using basic HTML markup, such as heading tags, paragraph tags, bulleted list items, etc. In addition, templates were also provided for them to easily add new pages.

Online Web Site, Screenshots of Original Design

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since Softnet updates and maintains the site themselves, their online main page layout (especially images they've added themselves) has changed from our original design and development work for them, and some other page layouts and design elements might look different from the original design as shown in the screenshot of Softnet's main page.

If you'd like to see more or all of the original design created by SKDesigns, we're happy to do so - just let us know.

With the above in mind, here is a link to Softnet Systems, Inc. online Web site.


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