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Considering a new site, improving your existing site, or ready for a redesign? The following will provide you with tips and information to help you get started and to plan your site.

  • Why SKDesigns?
    Why SKDesigns stands out from the rest and why you should choose SKDesigns for your next Web site design and development project.
  • Web Site Design Features
    Typical Web site design and development features you can expect from SKDesigns.
  • Planning Your Web Site
    Itemization of what to consider when planning a Web site. This will also help with discussing your needs with SKDesigns.
  • Questions & Answers
    Answers to common questions potential clients ask of SKDesigns, such as cost, scheduling, content updating.

SKDesigns has also written many tutorials, tips, and annotated resources to help you with your site. Visit Websitetips.com, the Articles and Tips section of WebsiteTips.com, or Brainstorms & Raves, by SKDesigns.


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