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The Universal Healing Keys

by Sharri Lorraine Copyright © 1997, 1998 Sharri Lorraine. All Rights Reserved.

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Preface to The Universal Healing Keys

In many of the keys, it states to put the right hand somewhere on the body. Although, these Keys are a powerful healing tool to share with others, this system is for working on yourself as much or more so, than on someone else. If you are working on yourself, then the circuit is complete. But, if you are working on another then it is extremely important that a circuit be complete by having both hands on the Healee. A circuit MUST be made or the Energy just doesn't *Flow*. I've worked *Intuitively* with this material for so long that I don't even think about hand placement any more, unless I'm using it as prescribed to work on myself. If I'm working on someone else, then I stand close to the person, hold my hands out to them and let my hands be drawn to the spot most needed.

The importance of hand placement was most dramatically demonstrated to me when I was age 9. My mom was giving my step dad a “treatment” on his lungs because he had Emphysema and Asthma. Although they were using the prescribed hand positions from class, nothing seemed to be happening. My mom felt guided to trade hand positions on my dad's chest and back. Almost immediately, he began to exhale. He exhaled for nearly 3!!! minutes. He turned purple!!! My mom tried to remove her hands and break the connection, but her hands were glued to his skin by a white substance that seemed to bond their skin together like super-glue!!! Then as suddenly as it started, the force altered, he was able to inhale, the white substance disappeared and her hands broke free.

The next day the same thing happened. One hand position had very little “Energy” while the other caused him to exhale until all the dead air was out of his lungs! Then he could breath freely. While it seemed that maybe this could be bad for him, in that he would almost pass out, he could breathe better after a treatment and in a few months his health improved dramatically.

Most left-handed people's polarity runs opposite of right-handed people, but, not always. For about 90 percent of the people a right-handed person's right hand would be positive (+) and a left-handed person's right hand would be negative (-). So, a left-handed person might use an opposite hand placement from a right-handed person; for starters, at least. After you become familiar with “running energy,” then I would encourage you to just be Intuitive about your hand placement.

When I first learned the Keys, my right hand was positive polarity (I'm right-handed). Then at age 12, I was involved in a freak “healing accident” in which a bolt of electrical charge passed through 5 people. I was thrown backwards several feet, crashed into a stone fireplace and came-to on the floor. After that my polarity ran backwards throughout my body!!! About 15 years ago, I went to a Polarity Therapist who helped me reverse my polarity. Now, most days, my polarity runs “normal” and some days it's flipped. On those days I'm usually more tired. Sometimes I can feel it flip. Just for a moment I feel like I'm free-falling in Space, then Gravity kicks in again - jolt. I always know when I'm flipped, because my Pendulum works backwards.

Also, I see my hands as Magnifying Glasses for the Spiritual Energy to *Flow* through and around; both hands giving. The only time I *Draw* Energy from a person is when I'm drawing excess Energy off a burn, with the Zeal Key, then I don't touch the person, either.

I feel it's extremely important that I be clear that it is not my Energy I'm giving, but Spiritual Energy from The Source. Also, that I not be attached to a certain outcome of the healing. Instead, I Pray, “Thy Will be done, Lord, not mine.”

I have learned various other healing methods, which I've incorporated into “what I do.” So, the Keys do mix and match quite well with other healing methods.

My teacher impressed upon me that the Keys actually draw the Elements from the Ethers and literally instill them into the body. This healing form works best when the hands of the “healer” are placed on the bare skin of the “healee.”

Many times the Force which comes by using the Keys makes the body of the “healee” move, stretching, bending, arching, in order to realign the skeletal structure. In this instance it is best for the “healee” to be sitting on a sturdy stool, which gives free rearrange of motion.


The Universal Healing Keys

Cosmic All Is Universal Love, Cosmic Sulphur, Golden-Yellow

Place right hand on top of the head.

Rejuvenates and releases dis-ease in the entire skeletal system;spine, hips, sacrum, neck, shoulders, arms, complexion of the skin, liver,jaundice, torpid liver, gall bladder, lower gall duct, small intestines,kidneys, bladder, and the prostate gland.

Cleanses the body of negativities, removing Energy Blocks -congestions, such as swelling in the lower limbs, varicose veins, female disorders, and cold feet.

Cosmic All Is Universal Light, Cosmic Kalinite Phosphate, Blue-Green

Place right hand on top of the head.

Rejuvenates, soothes and calms the nerves, rebuilding the whole nervous system, as well as the eyes, the sense of sight; the colon, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder and ureters.

Releases dis-ease in the eyes, ears, throat, asthma, T.B.,inflammation of the lings, mucus discharges, pneumonia, pleurisy, stomach,nervous indigestion, gall bladder, kidneys, bladder, creative organs,impurities in the blood, cramps, pains and aches in the shoulders and arms,palpitation of the heart, twitching muscles, and itching skin.

Cosmic All Is Universal Truth, Cosmic Potash, Astral White

Place right hand on top of the head.

Rebuilds, quickens, and imparts ambition to the entire lymphatic system, the conscious system, the brain and thinking faculties, circulation of the red blood, the liver and middle gall ducts, the kidneys, bladder and ureters, the small intestines, colon, sacral plexus and creative organs. The Quickness of this Key builds up Energy which is turned into heat in the body. The heat causes changes in the minerals of the body, which greatly increases their value.

With extensive use of this Healing Key, negative habits are reduced and eliminated; as is apparent overweight, caused by a sluggish lymphatic system: bloat or gases condensed and solidified in the flesh, resembling fatty condition. Cold flesh, especially on the back of the neck where deep wrinkles form, is warmed and relieved.

Cosmic All Is Universal Life, Cosmic Natural Muriate, Red

Place right hand on top of the forehead.

Gives new Life Energy to the digestive system, brain,consciousness, nerves, lymphatic system, skin, flesh, muscles, throat,eyes, ears, and all parts of the body.

Restores and regulates the memory, vision, creative and generative organs, restoring lost sex drive. Re-establishes positive thinking.

Removes the causes of anger, jealousy, deceit, colic, diarrhea,eczema, uterine infections, constipation and all irregularities of the digestive track. Stress and Energy Blocks are removed from the sacrum,lower limbs, and feet.

Cosmic All Is Universal Understanding, Cosmic Calcium Fluoride, Yellow-Green

Place thumb and finger of right hand on the bridge of nose.

Rejuvenates the consciousness, brain, pituitary and pineal glands,sinuses, adenoids, teeth, stomach and bowels.

Releases dis-ease in cases of catarrh, hay fever, swelling, ringing and itching in the ears, ulcers in the mouth, plaque, pyorrhea, toothache,pain in the jawbone; trembling of the lower limbs, congestion of the skin and sweat glands.

Cosmic All Is Universal Will, Cosmic Calcium-Lime, Gray-Blue

Place right hand on the back of head.

Rebuilds the skeletal system: all bones, skull, mastoid glands,cartilage, fibrous tissue, elastic fibers, tendons, ligaments, marrow,circulation, involuntary and sympathetic nervous system, the hair, fingernails, toe nails, the red blood, and the Will. It lubricates the joints,tendons and muscles for flexibility.

Removes and releases the cause of lame joints,pain in broken bones,arthritis, bow-legs, and paralytic conditions.

Calcium is the foundation of our skeleton. Salt and sulphur gives hardness to the bones. Silica provides the spring to prevent breakage. Live rebuilds the bones, giving strong determination or Will to the body,brain, and consciousness, supplying it with the ability to remove dis-ease and Darkness from the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Cosmic All Is Universal Knowledge, Cosmic Calcium Phosphate, Blue-Green

Place thumb and finger of right hand on bridge of nose.

Rejuvenates and regulates the eyes, atlas, stomach, bowels, and circulation. The bridge of the nose, the Center of Imagination and Visualization brings into manifestation our desires, integrating the Spirit and the Physical through the Mental and Emotional bodies; quickening the Consciousness, especially the Spiritual Consciousness. Awakening,penetrating and cleansing the Soul of Mind - our Conscious System, so that the body is awakened to the LIght, providing Knowledge to each organ, that it may function properly. Crowding out and releasing all Darkness,dis-ease, tensions, misery, pain, and sorrow from our Consciousness.

Cosmic All Is Universal Zeal, Cosmic Calcium Chloride, Light Blue

Place right hand on the back of the head.

Rejuvenates and restores inner hearing, intuition, physical hearing; the connective tissues between the ears and brain, ears, ambition,skin, sweat glands,thyroid glands, the subconscious mind, heart, lungs,liver, stomach, bowels; and the sense of feeling becomes quicker and more distinct.

Releases the excess Energy of burns. Releases dis-ease in cells manifesting as fears, worries and depressions of the subconscious causing fatigue. Releases pain in the kidneys, legs, ankles, feet, metatarsal arches, goiters, granulated eye lids, colds, male trouble, female trouble,lameness in the small of the back. Releases *all* skin diseases, such as burns, eczema, fungal and bacterial infections, etc.....

Cosmic All Is Universal Power Of Mind, Cosmic Magnesium Phosphate, Blue-Gray

Place right hand on the forehead.

Rejuvenates our thoughts with Loving Power; filling our consciousness, emotions, brain, objective and subjective and subconscious thought processes with Light. The electrical impulses responses of the brain are restored, enabling the body to rebuild the thinking faculties,the neck and spine, glands, digestive and urinary tract, and circulatory system.

Releases dis-ease, Energy blocks, stress, pinched nerves,headaches, impurities of the blood, toxins, and all negativities to be eliminated by the body's natural channels.

Cosmic All Is Universal Wisdom, Cosmic Kalinite Sulphate, Bright Pink

Place right hand on/over the heart.

Governs and rebuilds the circulation, red blood corpuscles, heart,heart muscle, muscles, lungs, bronchial tubes, pancreas, spleen, stomach,bowels, kidneys, and thymus glands. High or low blood pressure is regulated and stabilized. The lungs are better able to clean the blood. Restores proper circulation in asthmatic conditions, paralyzed parts or stiff joints.

Beneficial in overcoming causes of gastritis, biliousness, colic,rheumatism, cramps, spasms, heart problems, bleeding, hemorrhages, blackheads, parasites, worms in the flesh, poor circulation, running sores,ulcers, female problems, fevers of all kinds, chronic or degenerative ailments, and mental disturbances.

Cosmic All Is Universal Order, Cosmic Kalinite Sulfate, Blue With Red Streaks

Place right hand on the navel.

This Powerful Moving Force rejuvenates cells and releases dis-ease as it connects the Twelve Energy Centers. It brings Order to the entire Conscious System. Reversing dis-ease cause by Energy Blocks, entanglements and congestion of the nerves or veins, serious nervous dis-orders, fear,worry, stomach dis-ease, ears, throat, bronchial tubes and other lung dis-eases, hip joint dis-eases, swelling of the limbs, varicose veins,impurities of the blood, kidney and gall bladder dis-ease, congestion of the brain and other dis-ease and dis-order of the thinking faculties. Establishes Peace throughout our BEing.

Cosmic All Is Universal Discernment, Cosmic Potassium Permanganate, Purple

Place right hand on the Solar Plexus.

A disinfectant and deodorizer for the body; or project it to specific areas, such as a room for the same purpose. Restores and rebuilds the thinking facilities and conscious system, the digestive tract. Relieving gastritis of the stomach and bowels; dis-ease in the lungs,bronchial tubes, heart, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, bladder,ureters, kidneys and adrenal glands, neuralgia, varicose veins, erysipelas,spasmodic affections, cramps, swelling of the feet and ankles, chronic headaches, eye problems, poor circulation in the stomach, and bowels,impaired breathing, palpitations of the heart, and all heart, lung or throat dis-eases.

The Solar Plexus, the "Third-Eye of the body," is the seat of Material Judgments and Spiritual Discernment. Each nerve, bone, muscle,organ - the entire conscious system - needs Discernment to realize its position and function in the body as a whole.

Cosmic All Is Universal Strength, Cosmic Iron, Yellowish-Brown

Place hands on the loins or the small of the back. Also, other nerve centers to bring the Strength Healing Key into the body are: the topos the head, the forehead, the bridge of the nose, the back of the head,and the solar plexus.

Rejuvenates and Balances the Character and Will Power, the entire nervous system, circulation, red blood cells, heart, all weak flesh, skin and muscles (especially in the lower back), sacral plexus, creative and reproductive organs, urinary system, eyes, sight, hearing, thinking, and especially the Spirituality.

Releases the cause of Fear, Judgment, pain, jealousy, worry, and selfish desires.

Cosmic All Is Universal Elimination, Cosmic Silica, Pinkish-Ivory

Place right hand on the navel; or place the hand on top of the head for cleansing of the whole body.

Cleanses and rejuvenates the conscious system, brain, conscious and subconscious mind of negative thought, bringing Light (oxygen) to all parts of the body - the lymph system (the white blood cells), the digestive tract, bowels, urinary organs and reproductive organs, also the lungs,lymph system and skin, brittle hair, ingrown hairs, also, finger and toenails.

Releases and eliminates swelling, tumors, ulcers, adhesions,pimples, boils, and discolorations of the skin. Cleanses and eliminates impurities from the insides of the body, as well as *everything* that we put into it! Remember to Bless your food! Raise the vibration of the molecular structure of your food so that it may in turn raise the vibrations of your physical, mental and emotional bodies; making it fit for your *Soul/Spirit* to dwell in. This Powerful Healing Keys will drive out of the body all that does not belong there!

Cosmic All Is Universal Health, Cosmic Manganese, Light Blue

Place right hand on top of the head.

This Healing Key brings into our BEing the Light, Love and Remembrance of "Perfection." Revitalizing and rejuvenating every cell in our body, right down to the DNA, bringing us to our *optimum* state of Health.

Cosmic All Is Universal Peace, Cosmic Copper, Copper

Place hand on top of the head *and* souls of feet.

Copper is basically a shade of Gold Light, with a bit more Earthy Vibrations to it. Concentration on Cosmic Copper brings the Higher Vibration of Heavenly Peace in the Material Plane. Since the Light is flowing into the body from both directions, it is necessary to open an escape valve for the Negativity to flow out of. Open the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras for this purpose; releasing the angers and other pent up emotions. Experience Joyful Bubbling Peace full your body and BEingness.

The best results in treating patients is derived by working hands on bare skin. Don't be surprised if your hands stick, as in glued. Just keep up the Prayer/Mantras until the *release* comes. You'll feel it and them your hands will come loose.

For healing yourself or treating yourself for general health, say each Prayer/Mantra ten times or more.

Love & Light,
Sharri Lorraine
E-Mail: l456819 at idt dot net
Web site: LoreRainbow


About the Author, Sharri Lorraine

I learned a type of hands-on healing at the tender age of seven. My mother didn't believe in baby sitters, so I went with her to her classes. I soon became the class “guinea pig” because I had severe scoliosis. In only a few classes my skeleton straightened more than my friend's did in a year of wearing a brace and chiropractic treatments. I have seen“miracles” happen with this healing metaphor.

I have always been interested in healing and what makes a person “tick.” I was raised on health foods and supplements. Eventually I got my own little health food store, but the overhead was too high, so I turned it into a mail-order vitamin store. Now I work in a Pharmacy as a Tech. Here I am, being a bridge, with a foot on either side of the fence. I Bless the drugs and tell people to “Get Well Soon!”



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