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Wuji Qigong

by Claude Fournier, M.D. Copyright © 1997, 1998 Claude Fournier, M.D. All Rights Reserved.

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Now for meditation. A very simple and effective approach is called wuji qigong in the Chinese culture and consists in standing meditation. Loosely translated, “qigong” means “energy work” and “wuji” means “void.” The point is to go to the silence of the mind, the void mind, the natural state of our beginning.

Please note that the imperative mode is used for a concision purpose.

Wuji Qigong

Sitting Phase

Be in a calm place where you will not be disturbed. Take a sturdy chair, sit on its edge so you are not in contact with the back of the chair. Your feet are your shoulderwidth apart and parallel. Your legs form a right angle with your thighs.

Harmonizing Your Body

Close your eyes. Your back and neck are straight but not tense. Your hands lie on your thighs. Now, scan your body from your hairs to your toes, simply being conscious of all these parts who are your's. Don't think anything in particular, don't try to modify anything at all. Your Inner Self will see to it if you give him a chance. Let your shoulders relax.

Harmonizing Your Breath

Just put your attention on your breath, at the level of your lower abdomen, about 2 inches below your navel. Don't try to modify your breath in any way but welcome it as a reflection of yourself at this present moment. Breath normally.

Harmonizing Your Mind

Forget what happened one minute, one hour, one day....ago. Don't plan anything for the next minute, hour, day...so your mind is at what your are doing now; simply breathing. If ideas come, don't invest yourself in it but let it pass and bring your attention back to your breathing.

Standing Phase

When you feel like it, just stand with your feet remaining at the same place. Your knees are lightly bent. Your arms are relaxed each side of you and the palms of your hands are facing backwards. Your back and neck remain on a line perpendicular to the ground. That's all, keep breathing normally and maintain the position.

When you are tired, sit on the chair in the position described earlier and rest. When you feel like it, stand, etc.

Begin with sessions of 15-20 min. and gradually lengthen your practice to 45-60 min. For the best results, you must practice each day.

With the practice and time, you will become less and less stressed. Your mind will become more clear and it will be easier to see your goal as you will listen better end better to yourself.


I think it is enough for now. Feel free to e-mail me privately if this practice appeals to you, if you need more informations, etc.

Claude Fournier
fouc5606 at globetrotter dot qc dot ca



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