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Times in Life

by Linda Lee Elrod for Hallmark Cards, Inc., Between You and Me series, NPT 766-3Copyright © Hallmark Cards, Inc., Kansas City, MO 64141(see note below)

There are times in life
When you feel as if the earth
Has opened up
And swallowed you whole . . .
And you seriously doubt
If you'll ever stop hurting.
And it's then that you need
To realize you can't
“Make everything all right.”
All you can do is survive,
One hour at a time,
Then one day at a time.
But you are not alone.
There are many who care about you
And are ready to lend you their strength
When yours is all gone.

So hang on, because the sun
Will rise again . . .
And though you'll
Never forget,
You will survive this
And go on.

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Note of Clarification

My mother died May 1, 1999, and one of my dearest friends sent me a card with the verse above, which I shared with my family. It touched all of us deeply, so I am placing the verse here.

All those who knew my mom know what a special, loving, gifted person she was, and was truly an inspiration. The world was a better place with her presence. I am a better person for having her influence and strong values in my life. She will be dearly missed.

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In loving memory of
Jeanne Evans Jones
Born September 14, 1920
Died May 1, 1999, 1:45am,
surrounded by her husband, her sister, her 3 adult children, daughter-in-law, and one of her grandchildren.



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