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Columbine High School

Littleton, ColoradoApril 20, 1999 A Small Tribute and Remembranceby Shirley Kaiser

Ribbon in memory of the tragedy at Columbine High School, Littleton, CO 4-20-99 In recognition
of the courageous,

In compassion
for all the students, staff, friends,
family, and community, and

In memory
of the loss of lives.

Remember Forever, Columbine High School April 20, 1999. Image by Redhard Graphics at http://www.redhare.com/columbine/ There aren't any words to truly express what the victims, the families, the friends, and the entire world has felt and experienced as a result of what happened at Columbine High School, April 20, 1999.

This page is a small tribute in recognition of the day that changed so many lives, and links to information to reach out. It all helps to make a difference in more ways than we may know.

Note July, 2006: The Columbine High School incident occurred over seven years ago now. That's also seven long years that all these families no longer have their loved ones with them on this earth, seven long years that the disabled survivors are living with the permanent injuries from this senseless act, seven long years that the survivors live with the memories of what happened that day.

All their lives and all of our lives are forever changed. Look for potential problems, don't hesitate to ask questions, and do all you can to help prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

We can learn a lot from what happened that day. We can indeed overcome adversity by learning and using what we learn in positive ways to influence today and the future.

For some good information, see Warning Signs Of Youth Violence, an insightful article by the APA (American Psychological Association) Help Center.

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Graphic credits: Scott Docherty, Redhare Graphics and Tom Clark


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