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Orbits of Consciousness

by Shakira Kahn Transcription by Sharri Lorraine Copyright © 1988 Shakira Kahn, Sharri Lorraine. All Rights Reserved.

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The following is a transcription of a workshop I took from Shakira Khan in 1988. She said at that time to share the information with whoever and I have. Finally I can share it with you.

Sharri Lorraine

Orbits of Consciousness


3rd Dimensional Perspectives   4th-D   5th-D   6th   7th
6144, 3072, 1536, 768, 384, 192, 96, 48, 24, 12, 6, 3, 1

This Metaphor defines & organizes levels of Consciousness. In this Metaphor, #1 is what we term the God-BE-ingness, #3 is the Christ-BE-ingness, and #6144 is the Third-Dimension's contracted level of Consciousness of complete Separation.

These levels of Consciousness are what make up your "Egg-of- Energy;" sometimes called the Twelve Spiritual Chakras. In the Third-Dimension you live in "Divided-Duality;" the Mind Being in conflict with the Heart and Spirit - your True Essence; which is Whole, Completed, Connected, yet, still an important individual.

There are six Perspectives or Perceptions within the Separating-Consciousness, the Divided-Duality. All of these perspectives look outside the Self for validation which equals being successful, leaving you feeling vulnerable and powerless.

In "Divine-Duality" Mind is aligned with the Heart and Spirit. "Thy Will IS my Will, and my Will IS Thy Will; Thy Will BE done!" There is no conflict in the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh-Dimensional Perspectives.

All levels of consciousness are Equal! One is Not more Valid than another. It is a Chosen Experience. Remember, you've Chosen This Emotional Experience and Attitude, so, please! Experience it to the Fullest capacity. Choice is made for Soul's Growth and Wisdom. Come to your Senses! Come Alive and Truly Live!


This was the Collective-Consciousness Attitude of the 1940's.

Complete Separation is felt here, not Love. The Emotional Attitude is Fear-felled, it's the Space of Prejudice, Anger, Hatred, and War. It's the Adversary, the Warrior Consciousness.

This is the most contracted Egg-of-Energy. Here the physical body is the most dense and held rigid. Your personal identity is aligned with the ideal of "Reality," based on false beliefs in the Third-Dimensional Illusions. When you come from Superstition you are untrusting and tend to protect yourself through remaining solitary, and safely alone.

Life forces Expansion: so Consciousness Expands.....


This was the Collective-Consciousness Attitude of the 1950's.

The desire to belong to a group grows, stemming from loneliness of the solitary state. In order to be accepted into a group you must accept the group's beliefs, all the other people's beliefs as your own truth. The Group forms a Collective Consciousness of its own - to belong one must agree with its Concepts and Belief Systems. To be successful within the Group, you must take on the projected image or not be accepted and loved. The Cost is to give up your Self!

Hypothesis: If the group believes in Reincarnation, and to belong to that Group, you accept the Belief without the Experience of Living Simultaneous-Life, then this Belief is Dogma. [Simultaneous-Life, not Past-Life, since Time is a Belief in Third-Dimensional Illusion that we all must hold to BE here. And since most of us Experience Time as linear, the theory of Simultaneous-Time is just a whole lot more Dogma. :) ] Any time you believe something without the Experience, you are in 3072-Dogma. The Experience is part of the Awareness in 96-Wisdom.

The Image for this Age is the Triangle, which is the Symbol for the Patriarchal Times. The Circle is the Symbol for the Matriarchal Times. Both have had their Golden Age. We are once again making the Shift from the Symbol of the Triangle to the Circle at this Point in Time. Actually, the Triangle doesn't work. It is the Symbol for the Hierarchy with one on top and the masses on the bottom. This is why pyramid marketing and multi-level marketing don't work. We are moving into a new Matriarchal Age with the Circle of Wholeness as it's Symbol.


This was the Collective-Consciousness Attitude of the 1960's.

In this egg-of-Energy or Consciousness-Orbit you must be recognized for a talent by at least one other person to be successful. Achieving Success is the goal of this Level of Consciousness. When your achievement is recognized by others then it pumps up the Ego, and "I" becomes Sanctified within the Self. This is different than having Self-Confidence. The Sanctified-Ego is the acceptable Image for this Orbit. You are saying, "Look at me, I've Made it!"

The distinctive things that happens to Everyone on this Level of Consciousness is that they Change their Self-Image AND their clothes! 1536 is easy to spot because of this fact. It is the nicest and best *feeling* Level of Consciousness in the Third-Dimension.


This was the Collective-Consciousness Attitude of the 1970's.

In this Space people go around giving seminars about how to be "successful" or "get rich quick." The "Dress for Success" seminars are very popular. People say, "I've made it. Now, let me tell you how you can be successful, too." Or, "I am the Way!"

This is the Orbit of the Glorified-Mind and Intellect. In 768 you have all the Answers. You talk about and expound theories to everyone. And all these sound reasonable, like "Truth" to the analytical left-brain.

But, behind the projected Successful-Image is a Sadness and Dis-rest. The Lies and Illusions are beginning to be shook loose. The chaff is rising to the top, demanding to be Released! You're pretending to BE something that you're not feeling. Also, the tendency is to find someone else to blame and make responsible for your less-than-adequate-feelings is quite predominate in this Egg-of-Energy or Orbit of Consciousness.

Deepening into 768 the feeling of Not-BEing-Enough intensify; so you hide behind the "Successful Image." This only serves to make you more aware of the Lies and Illusions that you are Living. The World is beginning to crumble. Your Mind is beginning to loose Control. Desperately, a gallant effort is made to regain Control over your Life again. If enough Fear is generated you may contract back into 1536 for a while. But Life calls for expansion and growth.......

"Hermit - Chaos"
"Disappointment - Depression"

This was the Collective-Consciousness Attitude of the 1980's.

This is a big Shift in Consciousness. This is the most expanded Consciousness that you can Live in, in the Third-Dimension for any length of Time. Ironically, it feels just the opposite. This is the Space of Disappointment in Compound. Disappointment with work, mate, everything in Life in general. This is the Space of the Battle-of-the-sexes; where negative generalizations about the opposite sex is made. The True underlying Issue here is, "I am disappointed with my Self!"

Disappointment deepens, dropping into cynicism. There is "no hope." This feeling of hopelessness ties into irritation, which deepens into anger and then rage. In this Space every time you get around others, all you can see are the Lies. You are acutely Aware of the Prison of Illusion that you're caught in, but Powerless to extract yourSelf from it. So, you withdraw from others, isolating yourSelf, becoming the Hermit. The sense of loneliness is so painful that you try to reach out, to regain your stability and sanity. Contact with others tends to intensify the pain of Aloneness, because what you're truly reaching for is your own Self, your own Spirit, your connection to God. Looking outside of Self for fulfillment and companionship brings up the Illusions and Lies that you are Living. The only solution is to turn Inward!

You're trapped in the Prison of your own making of Despair and Depression. In desperation, the pattern is to try to dull the pain with addictions of the Mind or Emotional Spaces, as in co-dependent relationships, or addictions to physical substances. Addictions are a Healthy Choice *within reason!* It allows you to Experience the Space and to truly lose Control.

The last phase of 384 is totally loosing all Control. The Personality is truly cracking-up, living on the edge. Many times dreams of death start. You'll come face to face with the Goddess Chaos. It is Time to redefine the Goddess Chaos, to Understand Her Loving Purpose in our Lives. Originally "chaos" meant "to disperse," instead of "utter confusion or complete disorder." The Confusion and Disorder are only aspects of Dispersing. That which is Illusion and Untruth is no longer useful MUST be discarded, released in order to Live your Spirit's Truth. Spirit calls you to come to your Senses, and in 384 you are acutely and painfully Aware of the Senses. Spirit asks that you Truly Experience Life: what it is like Truly BEing Human.


This is the Collective-Consciousness Attitude of the 1990's.

"I am Dying" can no longer be denied! Death must come to the Personality-Self and a life full of Illusions. Life calls you to die to Untruth! The symbols for this Orbit of Consciousness are the snake and spider shedding their skins. In the Christian Bible, this Orbit of Consciousness is described as Armageddon, the end of the world, and, also, the Second Coming of Christ (Consciousness).

Birth has begun and must be completed! To resist only makes the experience more painful. Birth cannot be hurried nor stopped. But, if you go with the Flow, riding the waves, Sensing, Feeling, the Experience can be Glorious!

In 192-Suicide, you have only to Surrender to the existing Energy. More Energy is Perceived and Opened to by the Senses than the Mind can hold onto. If the Mind refuses to Align itself with the Spiritual Truths in Divine-Duality, continuing to live its Illusions of Divine-Duality, then Self-Destruct mechanism go into effect.

To quote "Visions" by Ken Keys: "People get sick because they are sick of themselves; they die because they are not For-Giving. Dis-Ease is not caused by viruses, microbes, or bacteria. These little rascals are ever-present; thousands of them passing through every healthy human body daily. "Germs" are only destructive when they are retained by the human body, instead of being allowed to pass through. The only thing that can give "germs" the necessary foot-hold is the presence of Negative Attitudes and Emotions rooted in Fear: Evil Spirits. Some of the more common Evil Spirits are judgment, anxiety (held breath), greed, guilt, shame, resentment, anger, hatred, revenge, jealousy, to name a few; all thinly disguised forms of Fear. To the degree that an Evil Spirit is entertained and made welcome in and individual's Life, the body will Dis-Ease and age. This is a regulatory mechanism, designed to deprive Destructive Spirits of physical bodies. Only the Presence of Negative Attitudes and Emotions in a human system gives harmful physical agents something to attach themselves to!"

As we move through the decade of the 1990's, Dis-Ease will become even more prevalent. It is all part of the Shift. 192 is the Edge! It's not possible to live in this Space for long. It is possible to live in 384 for long periods of time; painful, but possible. The momentum and Force within 192, "the Valley-of-Shadow-Death," the Black-Void of the Goddess Chaos, whips you right on through the Quantum-Leap into the next Orbit, the Level of Fourth-Dimensional Consciousness.

"Wisdom - Clarity"
"Witness Consciousness"

This will be the collective Consciousness Attitude of the first decade of 2000. This is the Space in which a person begins to walk their Spiritual Path of Christ-Consciousness. This is what is meant by "Being Born Again." A Quantum-Leap is made from Third-Dimensional Consciousness to Forth-Dimensional Consciousness. To make on electrical analogy: copper wire can only carry so much electrical current, but silver wire can carry a quantum amount more. So it is with the Orbits of Consciousness.

Everything in your life is changed at this point. Old friends move out, new friends move in. There is an instant recognition of people whose Consciousness is Orbiting at a like vibration. Self is Experienced as Whole and Complete. It is a "Monolithic Experience" where the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical are One Experience of Wholeness. The Concepts of the Self being divided into sub-personalities or pieces, wrankle and are repulsive descriptions. You would rather talk about different versions or aspects of Self.

Here you learn that Events have their own Timing. You learn to move from one Thrilling Experience to another. An ordinary task takes on an extraordinary aspect when done as the Spirit moves. The Mystery of Life happens, exciting, unfolding. The paradox of Life begins to come into focus, to be Experienced and Played with. Obedience to Impulses brings the Paradox of ordinary/extraordinary into a Simultaneous Experiences.

Also, discrimination between the Voice of Spirit and Mind becomes evident. The Experience of Wholeness brings great Clarity and Understanding to Life's distractions. Here, you are able to come to Peace with your Past, realizing that every Experience was a necessary stepping stone, a Gift to Self. Understanding and Wisdom are a Process. The Universe is showing the Beloved-Self, the True Essence, the Spirit BEing Human. 96 is the first Level of the Fourth-Dimensional "Witness Consciousness." It's Time to come to your Senses, feeling with ALL the Senses and not just the Mental!

At first the Mind is still battling for Control. This slows the vibrations dropping you back into the Orbits of the Third-Dimension. You may Choose to drop back into the comfortable Space of "Success." One Space is not "better" than another! Each Orbit is a Choice. At first there is much turbulence and shape-shifting as you vacillate between Orbits. Eventually, enough Energy and momentum is gained so you can stay in 96 - that is at least 51% of the time. It is the Natural-State-of-BEing to vassal ate between Orbits. It is the way the Spirit has of Experiencing all of Life more fully. So you need not feel that you aren't doing things right or good enough if you don't spend 100% of the time in 96 or "higher."

Anyway, remember that 80% is Perfect! If Spirit did not Intend to Experience Negative Emotions and the Contracted States of Consciousness, it would not take on physical forms. Spirit is here to Experience, so, Sense, Feel!!

Pure Reason

This is when the three lobes of the brain, the analytical, or left-brain, the analogical, or right-brain and the empatholitical, or medulla, are all vibrating at the same frequency in unison. This is Living in Intuition. When you are vibrating at the frequency of 96 and 48, then you are Living "I AM Whole, Complete, Confident." When this is achieved more than 50% of the time, then it is Time to Transcend from the Fourth-Dimensional State of Consciousness into the Fifth-Dimensional State of Consciousness.

24, 12, 6

24 is Living Cosmic-Life. Feeling and Knowing "I AM All that I Perceive." Having the Experience of BEing over there as well as in here. Experiencing another's point of view of yourself and Life. Experiencing what it is like to BE a plant or a river, a cloud, an animal, or another person. It is Experiencing ALL Creation as yourSelf.

And Jesus said, "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another." (John 13:34) Before you can truly Love another, you must first Experience it's Experience, Understand it. First you must Know the Other and than Love comes.

12 is the Experience of Cosmic-Love. Feeling and Knowing Love, Unconditionally, for yourSelf and all Creation. Here, there is only Acceptance; no judgment, not even discernment between Positive and Negative Forces. All things ARE as they ARE. Love Flows through you, equally to ALL things. There IS Only Love!

6 is Cosmic-Contemplation. This is the Orbit of Peace; Peacefully watching the synthesis and harmony of Creation. Watching the Paradoxical-Oneness of the Positive and Negative Forces. Knowing the Oneness.

24, 12, 6 is the Experience, "I AM All Things - One unto mySelf; All levels and Experiences Present NOW." The only question is: can you Consciously Expand to these Orbits at your Heart's Desire?

"I AM"

There are only three points of view in this Orbit of Consciousness, the Yin or expanded, the Yang or focused, and the Tao (pronounced "dow") which is a synergistic combination of the other two. This is the Sixth-Dimensional Consciousness of The-Christ-BEing. This IS the Trinity. Spirit is here. At this Expanded Orbit of Consciousness Oneness with All Creation is Known. All of Creation is within You. You Are Creation, One. There is a Presence of Spirit, a Radiant Quality of Energy within the body of anyone who housed this Expanded Consciousness. In the past only the Masters have attained this level of Consciousness, but it is available to each one of us now.


There is no Separation here. nor are you physical; there IS only the BEingness. It is a Level of Consciousness we cannot Know from Limited-Consciousness, for 1 is totally UN-limited. And even to put a label on it, such as naming it "God" is defining, separating, limiting.



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