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Musical Instruments: Stringed Instruments Graphic Images

The Musical Instruments: Stringed Instruments Graphic Images section below contains a variety of stringed instruments, such as violins, violas, cellos, harps, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and banjos. For more instruments, there is also a page of Pianos, Keyboards. Please note that some of these image require credits and links to their owners in exchange for using them. The images below are organized within 3 downloadable .zip files for your convenience. Be sure to review and follow each image's Terms of Use, Copyright.

See also LinkwareGraphics Music Images where you'll find music graphics created by SKDesigns. Need something specific? Need custom graphics? We're happy to discuss your needs with you and give you a price estimate. Contact SKDesigns for your specific graphics needs.

Terms of Use, Copyright Overview

In order to use Internet Resources Music Images, you must agree to the Music Images Terms of Use and Copyright. All images are copyrighted unless specifically stated otherwise. For images in this collection provided for use by SKDesigns, see the Terms of Use and Copyright for information. Since the images are linkware, you may use them for your commercial or non-commercial personal use ONLY according to the owners' copyright terms AND if you provide a link to this Web site at

Please note:

  • The ONLY images that you're allowed to download and use from this Web site are within the .zip files that you'll find links to below each group of music image screenshot samples. NO other images, files, or materials at this Web site are available for use for any purpose. No exceptions. See the Copyright information and Terms of Use for details.
  • The screenshots below represent several individual images included within each .zip file. For images that you wish to use, please download the corresponding .zip file below each screenshot. Thank you.
  • The images within the .zip files do NOT have the copyright marks covering them that you see in the screenshots, the size might be different, and the resolution quality is better than shown.

There's one downloadable .zip file below for all the images in the following screenshot samples.

Stringed Instruments - 2/3 actual size (screenshot) strings1a

Banjos - 2/3 actual size (screenshot) strings2amike (From Mike's World - Graphics)

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Harp - 2/3 actual size (screenshot) strings3a Download the above 11 stringed instruments graphic images in one .zip file:

Download (43KB)

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