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During the past several years SKDesigns owner Shirley Kaiser has been interviewed by journalists and authors writing books, articles, tutorials, and more, usually related to Web design, the Internet, running a business, or music. Below are a selection of interviews and quotations from interviews that are currently online.

  • Shirley Kaiser Interview   Deliver First Class Web Sites: 101 Essential Checklists, by Shirley Kaiser. SitePoint Books (July 2006). 
    By Meryl K. Evans, published at Digital Web October 23, 2006. Meryl interviews Shirley about the current state of Web design, planning and working on Web design projects, redesigning the megasite, WebsiteTips.com, tips for running a Web design business, music, and her new book, Deliver First Class Web Sites: 101 Essential Checklists.
  • An interview with Shirley Kaiser
    By Ronan, originally published at zlog, reprinted here for reference. Ronan interviews Shirley about Web standards, Web design, technology, music, family, daily life, and more.
  • An interview with Steven Champeon and Shirley Kaiser of the Web Standards Project (WaSP)
    By Meryl K. Evans, published at Digital Web September 4, 2002. Meryl interviews Shirley and Steve about the current climate of Web standards, realistic approaches that work with today's clients and the real world, and what standards compliance really means (one more attempt to dispel the overabundant myths).
  • Music and Web design, An interview with Shirley Kaiser
    By Ron Scheer, originally published at Say What You Mean, reprinted here for reference. This interview discusses the correlation between music and Web design, Shirley's philosophies about each, and how they intertwine in her daily life.
  • Imagine a Renaissance Woman. Meet Shirley.
    Interview by the head lemur (a.k.a. Alan Herrell) at his Pixelview site, which interviews independent designers, developers, and others. This interview covers philosophy, advice, life before and with the Web, why Shirley designs and develops Web sites, and more.
  • CD cover image - Journey Within, by Shirley KaiserRenaissance Woman's Journey Within
    By Joel Canfield, published at his EGBDF.info music site April 22, 2002. Joel interviewed Shirley along with writing a review of her CD, Journey Within. Shirley talks about the inspiration behind the music she wrote and performed for this upcoming CD.
  • Sites Unseen
    Article for the New York Times January 14, 2002 by Pamela LiCalzi O'Connell. Shirley was interviewed by Pamela regarding the accessibility problems with the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics Web site, especially in regard to Shirley's January 16, 2002 column that has received a lot of publicity, Accessibility Lockout for Olympics 2002 Site -- Again?!
  • Your Web site's on target if you speak to customer
    Article for the Sacramento Business Journal by Ellen Schaefer. Shirley answered questions about usability and Web design in her interview with Ellen Shaefer, some of which is quoted in this interesting article on Web design for the February 2001 issue of the Sacramento Business Journal.


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