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Linkwaregraphics Music Images screenshot Owned and developed by SKDesigns since 1998, LinkwareGraphics is a popular source for high quality free and commercial Web graphics with a music theme via LinkwareGraphics Music Images. LinkwareGraphics SuperBladePro Presets was added in 2000, which offers over 100 free SuperBladePro Presets for Flaming Pear's SuperBladePro plugin for Adobe Photoshop and other graphics software.

Due to time constraints, SKDesigns split this redesign project into two phases. In a nutshell, the Phase I emphasis was overall site structure improvements, and the Phase II emphasis was the visual redesign.

Why not the other way around? The site structure is like the foundation of a home - it must be solid, well planned, and support the house. Once the structure is established and tested, the design can then visually emphasize the site navigation, certain areas of a page, especially important content, and visually help the visitor in a number of ways. In other words, the visual design must support the content.

May 2006, Redesign Phase I: Like many Web sites, LinkwareGraphics grew substantially between 1998 and this May 2006 redesign. Because of this, the emphasis for this first phase was on making improvements to the overall structure of the site, the information architecture. SKDesigns created a scaled back, basic visual redesign (replaced with Phase II) while also providing lean, widely accessible, fast loading pages, along with improved site navigation and search engine optimization for top search engine rankings.

October 2007, Redesign Phase II: The second phase provided a major visual redesign to provide a fresh, new look, along with even leaner behind-the-scenes markup (XHTML), CSS, and server-side programming technologies. Unlike previous designs, the new design also allows for and integrates advertising space, including Google AdSense ads.

Field of California poppiesThe inspiration for this new design was based on California's foothills in the spring and summer combined with the art of watercolor painting. After pencil and paper sketches, the visual layout, including the watercolor painting look, was designed with Adobe Photoshop, then developed for the Web using standards-based XHTML and CSS.

You can read more about the visual design at LinkwareGraphics' Colophon.

LinkwareGraphics Music Images Linkwaregraphics Music Images screenshot

Owned and developed by SKDesigns since 1998, LinkwareGraphics Music Images has been quite popular for its music images for Web sites, especially as a community service to music educators all around the world. Web site sets and individual images are offered commercially and as linkware, all with a music-related theme.

Creating music graphics began as a way to combine a lifelong love for music with an almost lifelong love for graphics and design. It continues to be a rewarding and fun adventure.

Award Winning Website:

The LinkwareGraphics Music Images Web site won About.com's prestigious In The Spotlight featured Web site at About.com, with a flattering review by Bobbie Peachy for the Web Clip Art's Featured Site, About.com week of September 10, 1999.


LinkwareGraphics SuperBladePro Presets 

LinkwareGraphics SuperBladePro Presets screenshot  Owned and developed by SKDesigns as a community service since 2000, the LinkwareGraphics SuperBladePro Presets Web site provides over 100 SuperBladePro presets to download for free for Flaming Pear's popular SuperBladePro graphics program plug-in.

Award Winning Website:

graphics software about.comThe LinkwareGraphics SuperBladePro Presets Web site won About.com's prestigious Graphics Software Featured Site at About.com.

In its very first month September 2000:

  • over 15,500 preset files were downloaded,
  • it was honored to be listed in the top position at Flaming Pear's Web site, and
  • it won a prestigious award from About.com.




architecture plans, drafting tools

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