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WebsiteTips.com screenshotsFor nearly a decade WebsiteTips.com has been an enormously popular resource for Web site owners, designers and developers, educators, students, and others. In addition to writing helpful tutorials on HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, and other topics, SKDesigns has worked diligently on this resource the past ten years to provide the most authoritative and best quality resources on the Web related to Web design and development, owning and managing Web sites, and site promotion.

A Major Overhaul, Standards-Based Technologies, and Universal Accessibility

March 20, 2006 brought the launch of a long-awaited major overhaul of of WebsiteTips.com that included:

  • vastly improved content organization and information architecture,
  • a new visual design and front-end HTML and CSS to bring the site current with the latest Web technologies,
  • new server-side programming and organization behind the scenes to make site maintenance and updates easier and more efficient,
  • server-side file compression to drastically reduce file sizes and dramatically improve page load times,
  • although the site already ranked well with a variety of prime keyword phrases, the site was optimized even more to help boost search engine rankings with more keyword phrases to increase visitors.

A New Design

November 28, 2006 brought an all new visual design inspired by rich wood paneling and classic, elegant castle libraries in Europe. This new design built upon and integrated the major overhaul done in March, 2006 with the content organization, information architecture, server-side programming, and search engine optimization.

websitetips.com screenshot sample with topmast, side navigation, color section 1

In addition, WebsiteTips.com is even more accessible than earlier versions of the site. Our goal is for WebsiteTips.com to be as universally accessible as possible, whether visitors use the latest popular browsers, speech recognition devices, basic text-only browsers, or even a PDA. WebsiteTips.com's Colophon section goes into more detail.




architecture plans, drafting tools

See the Client Projects section for samples and information about some of our Web site design projects and Web application interfaces work.

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