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Copyright Information

You'll find this copyright notice on every page at this Web site, usually at the bottom of each page:

Copyright © 1996-2021 Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A., SKDesigns. All rights reserved.

All material at this Web site, such as text, images, markup, CSS, programming, TITLE tag content, META element tag content, and design, is copyright 1996-2021 to SKDesigns and its owner and editor Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A, and may not be reproduced elsewhere without explicit written permission.

Yes, copyrights do apply to the Web, too. Just like our teachers in school taught us, plagiarism is not acceptable, and it's against the law. That's true at SKDesigns, too.

Credit your source, don't alter or modify anything, don't steal any of the content, images, HTML, CSS, or anything else, and don't try to pass something off as your own. I can and will prosecute anyone who doesn't follow the rules copyright laws. You might think the Web is so big that you won't get found or caught, but don't be fooled by this common misconception. You can indeed get found and caught.


Permission is granted to quote one to two paragraphs from this Web site for educational use only provided the proper credit information is included on the same page, with minimum credit information including the source URL and author. Content may not be modified or altered in any way.

This permission explicitly does NOT include any HTML markup, CSS, programming, TITLE tag content, META element tag content, or other behind-the-scenes elements. (This is also explicitly stated for those who steal SKDesigns' keyword phrases, HTML element content, and other content to use on their own sites, especially to try to improve their search engine rankings.)

If you are interested in reprinting content from this Web site for educational or non-profit purpose:

  • Permission is not automatically granted. Permissions are evaluated on an individual basis only upon your written request to SKDesigns (such as via email or postal mail).
  • You must include the purpose of your request for reprint, the publication, and affiliation.
  • Reprint requests for commercial publications must include your proposed payment information.
  • If permission is granted, a complete copy of the publication should be provided free of charge to SKDesigns.

Use of anything from this Web site, in part or in whole, without specific written permission is copyright infringement, such as content, images, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (this list is represesentative, not all-inclusive). Offenders can and will be prosecuted.

No exceptions.

Contact SKDesigns with your request if the above is agreeable.

More Information on Copyrights

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