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1997 Floods, Northern California Information Resources

Flood Help Phone Numbers for Northern and Central California

This section of 1997 Floods, Northern California Information Resources contains phone number resources to official agencies, where to call for emergency help and assistance, rescue organizations, and volunteers.

Note: Please check telephone directory information if a phone number is no longer valid since phone numbers were listed January, 1997. If anyone knows of updated listing changes (and the new phone numbers) please contact me and I will be happy to update this list.

Important: Please do not rely on this information as your only source of information in case of emergency. I do periodically update or remove dead Web site links, but most phone numbers and addresses are from 1997 and may or may not be accurate at this point. This Web site remains online for information and for historical record purposes only, not as a source for current emergency information. See also: About the 1997 Floods, Northern California Information Resources Web Site.

Statewide Information


Where To Report Current Flooding***

The most important number is the State/Federal Flood Operations Center which is now open 24 hours a day: 800-952-5530 and located at 3310 El Camino at Watt



County Offices Of Emergency Services (OES)*


Emergency Office Centers (EOC)**

Note: Some of the phone numbers listed below (from California Mall) are identical and some are different from the above Office of Emergency Services numbers listed by The Sacramento Bee. If any are not correct, please contact me, as I want to ensure the accuracy of this information.


Pets and Livestock Help*

Tips for Pets and Livestock:
Animal Rescue Agencies
Where to Call for help:

The following information was published in the Sacramento Bee January 06, 1997:


American Red Cross Emergency Dasaster Financial Relief

The following information was published in the Sacramento Bee January 10, 1997:

American Red Cross by phone:
American Red Cross Service Centers:

Open 7 days a week, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., for emergency disaster financial assistance until further notice:


Report Problems, Get Information or Assistance*


Other Sources of Assistance*



*Much of the information for this page was obtained from The Sacramento Bee's special section, Floods of '97. copyright © 1997 The Sacramento Bee.

**Special thanks to California Mall from whose Flood Relief Center page Emergency Office Centers information was obtained.

***Special thanks to KOVR-13 for the information above regarding where to call to report flooding.

American Red Cross - Help Can't Wait

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