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1997 Floods, Northern California Information Resources

Rebuilding After Flooding, Floods Recovery Information, Flood Preparedness

This section of 1997 Floods, Northern California Information Resources contains resources to official U.S. government and state agencies and resources to help with natural disasters, recovery, and preparing for future flooding.

Note: Please check telephone directory information if a phone number is no longer valid since phone numbers were listed January, 1997. If anyone knows of updated listing changes (and the new phone numbers) please contact me and I will be happy to update this list.

Important: Please do not rely on this information as your only source of information in case of emergency. I do periodically update or remove dead Web site links, but most phone numbers and addresses are from 1997 and may or may not be accurate at this point. This Web site remains online for information and for historical record purposes only, not as a source for current emergency information. See also: About the 1997 Floods, Northern California Information Resources Web Site.

Disaster Agencies and Services


Floods Recovery Information


Flood Preparedness

American Red Cross - Help Can't Wait

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