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Internet Resources provides hundreds of music graphics and music Web graphics sets, including music clipart; resources to sites all about music, including jazz, folk music, classical music, country music, and much more; spirituality and alternative healing articles and an art gallery and resources; California flood and storm data for the 1997 Northern California floods; and an eclectic mix of annotated resources.

If you've visited before, note that some sections have evolved and moved to their own Web sites with their own domain names, such as, which includes articles and tons of information and resources for Web site owners, developers, and designers. Others are Linkware Graphics Music Images and Healing Music via

I welcome and encourage comments, suggestions, graphics, or Web site ideas, so please let me know.

Table of Contents

Music Resources on the Internet

Annotated links to Web sites about music, organized by topic.

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Music Graphic Images

Images available via this Web site - music backgrounds, music bars (dividers, rules), music notation symbols, musical instruments, and resources to find more.

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See also our related site, Linkware Graphics Music Images, music images, music-theme Web site sets, and custom graphics by SKDesigns.


Spirituality & Alternative Healing

Note that the following have moved to our other related sites:


Floods of 1997, Northern California Information Resources


Our Other Sites


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