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About Internet Resources

Internet Resources began around 1994 or 1995 as my very first personal Web site, initially hosted at AOL and moved to in 1996.

Back in those days especially, it was incredibly helpful when people provided links to recommended sites. Although the Internet has changed and evolved by leaps and bounds since then, one aspect certainly remains: many people still appreciate quality link recommendations.

Growth, Evolution, and Change

Subjects at this site have also been added over time, and some have grown large enough to warrant their own Web sites, such as, while other topics have moved to more appropriate areas at my other Web sites, such as Healing Music and Search Engine Resources. Check out the Internet Resources Sitemap for the best detail to what's currently available here.

Abandon Ship or Keep Sailing?

More than once I've considered removing the entire Internet Resources site due to lack of time to update the resource links and so many people blatantly hotlinking to the music images that I provide in the Music Graphic Images section.

The positives far outweigh any negatives, so Internet Resources stays.

Finally! A Redesign

The latest big change is a long overdue redesign of the Internet Resources site, with the main Internet Resources, Music Resources, and Music Images sections completed late June 2006, after having the same design since 1998 (cough, cough). At the same time I also reorganized some of the content, and I updated all the resource links, dumping dead links and adding some new links as well. The Spirituality & Alternative Healing and Floods of 1997 sections will be redesigned next.

Enjoy your visit!

Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A.
Owner, Internet Resources and SKDesigns

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