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All images are copyrighted and owned by the person who created them unless specifically stated otherwise. For images by SKDesigns, see the Terms of Use below.

Other Copyrights

Most of the images listed at Internet Resources Music Images were gleaned with permission from designated “public domain images” sites on the WWW prior to 1997. If you use an attributed image copyrighted by someone other than SKDesigns, you must obtain permission from the original Web site owner and include a reference to the original URL, along with any copyright information provided, per their instructions. Please contact them directly.

Redistribution Strictly Prohibited

Important! Permission is NOT granted to redistribute this collection, whether on or off the Internet, in part or in whole.

See the Web Site Copyright Information and Web Site Terms of Use for more information.


Internet Resources Music Graphic Images Terms of Use

The images provided within .zip files at the Music Graphic Images site are linkware. What that means is that you may use them for your non-commercial personal use or for commercial use as long as you provide a link to the Music Graphic Images Web site at

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Music images provided by Music Graphic Images by SKDesigns.

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