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Death, Dying, Terminal Illness, Near Death, & Afterlife Resources

The Death, Dying, and Terminal Illness section provides links to helpful resources on topics covering, death, dying, terminal illness, hospice information, help for caregivers, near death and afterlife studies and information, recommended books on death, dying, terminal illness, and afterlife, other links resources, and more.

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This page is dedicated to the memory of my mother,
an inspiration to me of unconditional love and kindness.

Jeanne Evans Jones,
born 14-September-1920 and
died 01-May-1999
surrounded by her family.

General Information About Death, Dying, and Terminal Illness


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Near Death & Afterlife Studies and Information


Caregivers Information

Note: Please check the General Information category above, as many of those sites include sections with caregiving information, too.


Recommended Books on Death, Dying, Terminal Illness, and Afterlife


Other Links Resources


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