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Since 1996 SKDesigns has taken great pride in providing the best possible Web site design and development services, Web graphics, consulting, writing, and editing services to suit our clients' needs and budgets. Within the portfolio section you'll find selected examples of client Web site design projects, independent Web site design projects, writing and editing projects, interviews, and a selected client list.

Below is an overview.

Industry Expert

SKDesigns' owner, Shirley Kaiser, is a well-respected industry expert in cross-browser, cross-platform, accessible, and standards-compliant Web site design and development. She stays on top of the latest to ensure that clients get the best possible results for their needs and within their budgets. SKDesigns also networks with other experts when needed to provide appropriate solutions.

In addition, Shirley is on the Web Standards Project (WaSP) Steering Committee, a strong, highly influential group to help promote Web standards and educate others in creating standards-compliant Web sites.

Visit The About section for more about SKDesigns and Shirley Kaiser.

Web Site Design

Designs by SKDesigns are well known for being inviting, eye-catching, and clean-looking. We're experts in user-centered Web sites, such as intuitive, easy-to-use navigation, site architecture with pages that load quickly, and graphics that present your image effectively and accentuate your content.

We're also experts at creating standards-compliant, accessible Web sites that work beautifully with a wide range of browsers and platforms. This approach means more visitors can use your Web site, your Web site will be efficient, lean, and clean behind the scenes, and you'll save money in the long run, too.

SKDesigns' Web sites and graphics have also been featured and used in major publications and textbooks as best practice examples, such as:

  • [JavaScript + CSS + DOM Magic, by Makiko Itoh, 2002]JavaScript + CSS + DOM Magic
    by Makiko Itoh
    New Riders, Publishers, 2002.
    A Web site design with drop-down navigation menus was created for the author to use in one of the chapters. The design, including the graphics, are provided on the book's accompanying CD-ROM.
  • [The Complete Guide to Using and Understanding the Internet, by Linda Bird, 2004]The Complete Guide to Using and Understanding the Internet
    by Linda Bird
    Prentice-Hall, Publishers, 2004.
    The author used the SKDesigns Web site as an example of best practice approaches and included a screenshot of the homepage in the book.

Explore samples of client Web site design projects and popular independent Web site design projects.


Graphics and Illustration

Fairy Tale Dream Castle In addition to all the Web graphics within her Web design and development work, Shirley is also a professional vector graphics contributor for the highly popular iStockphoto.com.

Floral Swirls Background Design Series To view her graphics and vector illustration examples, be sure to visit the continually growing SKDesigns iStockphoto.com portfolio (external link). In addition to the examples there, you can also purchase these reasonably priced royalty-free graphic images and illustrations.

Writing and Editing

In addition to Web site design and development, Shirley is also an author, writing dozens of articles, tutorials, contributing to books for major publishers, writing a regular daily column, and more. Shirley also does technical editing and reviewing and expert reviewing for several major publishers, including Course Technology, Glasshaus, and SitePoint.

Visit the Latest Book section for information about Shirley's new book on Web site essentials, “Deliver First Class Web Sites: 101 Essential Checklists,” and visit the Writing, Editing section for further details and links to online examples.


SKDesigns' owner Shirley Kaiser has been interviewed by journalists, authors, Web site owners and others, and she speaks at conferences and workshops.

Visit the Interviews section for more information.


In addition to her active role with the Web Standards Project (WaSP) noted above, Shirley also spent 2001 as moderator for the very popular MarketingVOX|Design Web design discussion digest published three times a week, formerly I-Design by Adventive. While Shirley was moderator this popular digest with over 12,000 subscribers thrived and received lots of praise for being a terrific discussion list and for her top-notch moderating skills and knowledge. (Sadly, it's now no longer online.)

Shirley is also actively involved in several design and development discussion lists and supports independent content producers.



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