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Selected Clients List

Since 1996 SKDesigns has created or redesigned innumerable Web sites, Web application interfaces, and has written millions of words for books, articles, and tutorials. Below is a selected list of clients, both past and present.

Web Sites, Web Application Interfaces

See the Client Projects and Independent Projects sections for samples and information about our Web site design projects and Web application interfaces work.

  • Stephan Bodian
  • Capital Nursery
  • Capitol City Communications
  • Capitol Enquiry
  • Classical Notes
  • Course Technology
  • Findthezone.com
  • Marilyn R. Freedman
  • Fremont Presbyterian Church
  • Get Smart Products
  • Globe Language Services
  • Hennessy Photography
  • HydroLogics, Inc.
  • Infostat Systems, Inc.
  • Andrew B. King, Websiteoptimization.com (subcontracting)
  • Liberty Consulting
  • Ron Mann, Ph.D.
  • The Menaul School
  • Mohn Sport Racks
  • Monterey AgResources
  • Monterey Lawn & Garden
  • North Country Kennels
  • RankWrite Roundtable
  • Softnet Systems, Inc.
  • Spiritual Wisdom and Mental Health (SWMH)
  • Helen Walker, B.S.W.
  • The World Wide Online Meditation Center
  • Mark T. Weiser, D.D.S.
  • World Peace Rose Gardens


Writing, Editing

SKDesigns' owner, Shirley Kaiser, has done book authoring, technical editing and reviewing, and expert reviewing for the publishers listed below. In addition, Shirley has written countless articles and tutorials. For samples and more details, see the Portfolio's Writing, Editing section.

  • Course Technology
  • Glasshaus Publishers
  • SitePoint Books



architecture plans, drafting tools

Check out the Client Projects and Independent Projects section for examples of our Web site design projects and Web application interfaces work.

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