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Shirley Kaiser, owner of SKDesigns, has gathered extensive resources to help you find the most authoritative information available. In addition, Shirley has written dozens of tutorials, tips, and FAQs to help, too.

The results are the sites, articles, tips, and tutorials below created by SKDesigns.

For Site Owners, Designers

  • Web Site Planning and FAQS
    Tips and information at SKDesigns to help you plan or review your site.
  • WebsiteTips Newsletter
    Quarterly newsletter with tips and ideas for your site, delivered via e-mail. Archives available at SKDesigns.com for later reference.
  • Brainstorms & Raves
    is an almost daily column a.k.a. weblog by SKDesigns about the Web, Web site design and development, improving your site, interesting links around the Web, graphics, typography and fonts, music, and anything else.
  • WebsiteTips.com
    has several dozen tutorials and tips, helpful color charts and HTML charts, and over 2,500 annotated resources to sites to help site owners, designers and developers.
  • LinkwareGraphics Music Images
    has numerous Web site sets, music notation symbols, musical instruments and more to help site owners, designers and developers create sites with music themes or individual music graphics.
  • Super BladePro Presets
    has at least 100 presets created by SKDesigns as a free service for use with Super BladePro graphics plugin by Flaming Pear. Carefully prepared for a wide range of effects and colors, you'll find shiny and brushed metals, bright patterns, textures, pastels, and more.


Other Subjects

  • TBI Resources
    'TBI' stands for traumatic brain injury. The TBI Resources site is devoted to resources, education, and book recommendations related to brain injuries for families, friends, loved ones, and those with brain injuries.
  • Music Resources on the Internet
    has over 2,000 annotated links on a variety of topics related to music, including music lyrics sites, instruments, organizations, performers, folk music, jazz, classical music, and more.
  • 1997 Floods, Northern California Information Resources
    What began as a repository of information for local northern California residents in a major crisis has ended up being a resource for educators, students, and others wishing to learn about floods as well as flood prevention.
  • Spirituality and Alternative Healing
    provides hundreds of annotated resources on the Internet for general spiritual issues, retreats, music, alternative health approaches, an art gallery, articles, poems, quotes, and more.



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