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SKDesigns' services include expert Web design and development, redesign, upgrading to conform to standards or accessibility, custom Web graphics and retouching, including photo retouching, writing and editing, and consulting. Our goals are to provide the best possible results and to absolutely delight our clients.

Below is an overview with links to further information. We welcome your inquiries and questions.

Web Site Design

The goal of SKDesigns is to delight our clients and create Web sites to suit your business or personal requirements. Each Web site created is custom designed and developed after working with you to determine what's best for your needs and budget.

In business since 1996 and owned by well-respected industry expert Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns creates user-friendly, high quality Web sites. Designs are visually appealing while also complying behind the scenes with W3C Recommendations, the industry's standard.

Web Site Design, Redesign Highlights:

Below is a highlight of what you'll find with our Web site design and redesign projects. For more details, visit the Web Site Design Features FAQ.

  • User-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Quick-loading pages and images, even for slower dial-up visitors
  • Graphic images that accentuate, not dominate your content
  • Standards compliant and solid behind the scenes:
    Building Web sites based on W3C Recommendations provides the most solid and durable construction, greater availability to more people, and helps reduce cost, production time, and maintenance time.
  • Accessibility friendly:
    This approach provides availability to the most visitors, regardless of ability or disability. SKDesigns follows W3C Accessibility Guidelines. In addition, SKDesigns can make sure your Web site adheres to U.S. Section 508 Guidelines or other accessibility requirements on request.
  • Search engine friendly optimization:
    A large percentage of Web site visitors find your Web site via search engines and directories. SKDesigns creates Web sites that Google and other search engines can index properly so more people can find your Web site. Many Web sites might look good visually but don't allow easy indexing by search engine crawlers, unbeknownst to their Web site owners. SKDesigns has the expertise to help make sure Google and other search engines can regularly index as many pages as possible within your Web site.
  • Custom designs that meet your budget and specifications
  • Detailed attention and care given to every element
  • Custom designs and design templates for Movable Type and other weblog and content management systems

For more details, visit the Web Site Design Features FAQ.

Explore samples of recent client projects and popular independent projects.

Freelancing, Sub-contracting, Consulting

SKDesigns also offers freelancing, sub-contracting, and consulting, whether for your company or for other designers, developers, programmers, and web-related professionals. Contact us to discuss your needs.



2 paint brushesSKDesigns is known for clean, sharp, high quality graphic images and photos that load quickly on the Web. We have many optimized, stunning graphics samples within our Web Site Design Clients section and Independent Web Site Design Projects section.

Graphics-related services include:

  • Custom Web site graphics and design
  • Photo and graphics retouching
  • Web optimization for photos, illustrations, logos, clipart, and all your graphics needs

Have something in mind? Not sure what you need? We're happy to assist. Contact us today.


Writing and Editing

  • Tutorials, articles, tips related to Web sites, the Web, music, and more
  • Editing, technical editing, reviewing, technical reviewing, and related
  • Books, contributing author

See the Writing and Editing section for further details and links to online examples.

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